3rd-7th NOV
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12pm Friday 3rd Nov



12pm Tuesday 7th Nov



Wolfgangs Palace

155 Nalangil Rd, Nalangil

(2 hours drive from Melbourne)

Music | Performance | Camaraderie | Art | Community | Food & Fire

Thirty years ago, one traveling family found themselves with a rather dilapidated Dairy Factory, big dreams and the grand idea to build a haven for creative individuals and extraordinary thinkers. Wolfgang's Palace grew out of this strange little hope, and has since gone on to become the site of countless immersive festivals, live performance events and creative collaboration. The annual Beltane Festival has a very colourful twenty five year history, so it is little wonder we take great pleasure in announcing yet another installment of this wonderful gathering.

This FAMILY-RUN FESTIVAL invites you to celebrate the emergence of SPRING and the turning of the seasons with a riotous feast for your senses and sensibilities - even the MOON will be FULL TO BRIM!


A TRULY UNIQUE gathering of EXTRAORDINARY INDIVIDUALS. The beloved Beltane Festival is, without a doubt, one of Victoria's BEST KEPT FESTIVAL CIRCUIT SECRETS, known for it's GENUINE FAMILY FRIENDLY atmosphere and INCREDIBLE capacity for bringing people together.


DURING THE DAY we encourage you to take part in the FREAK OLYMPICS - the sticky gluey stuff that binds us in festive cohesion. With a hilarious array of games, competitions and absurd interventions, there is no end to how many points you could pocket for your team over the duration of the festival!


Don't forget to bring your ELEMENTAL RAGS:



EVERY AFTERNOON/EVENING, the PALACE COURTYARD comes alive in a frenzy of LIVE MUSIC, PERFORMANCE and DANCE FLOOR MAYHEM. With an incredible HAND PICKED LINEUP of performance artistes including:


Harmony Byrne

El Moth

Vibraphonic Orkestra

Wonqi Rose and Miss $Toast

Able 8 extended set with Walla C, U-Wish & Melody Myla


Full Mood

Lucy and the Night Sky

Preston Skate Massive

Wendy Rule

Hugo & Treats


Melody Moon






We are Karween Ngootjoon. We are a collective of different First Nations peoples that will be performing ceremony on Gulidjan Country as part of this season’s Beltane. This ceremony will be done over several days and will form part of the events at Beltane as part of our welcome. We acknowledge the presence of Wolfgang’s Palace in our place and their ongoing journey. Wolfgang’s Palace is part of Country and together we will celebrate the fertility of our cultural landscape and honour our past, present and future.

As Karween Ngootjoon, we are the dancers of fertility, nourishment, health and love. We will honour our Ancestors, our Creator and our Country with you all as witness in this time, this place and this Dreaming. Our story will become part of yours.

Ngatta ya yoogurakut Ngo. Ngarkin djaambi.”



The BELTANE BONFIRE is a key event within the festival program, where we light the bonfire and you are encouraged to circle the flames, releasing the past and embracing new beginnings. Or you could simply BLOW YOUR MIND with quite possibly one of the BIGGEST BLOODY BONFIRES YOU WILL EVER BLOODY SEE!



SUNDAY night the MOON will cast it's voluptuous light across the festival site as we deliver the party to out-smarty all other parties! Bring your SUNDAY BEST!



As a new addition to the festival programming, presentations and talks will be offered during the day (stay tuned for presenter announcements)




FOOD- Jerry’s Vegiburgers will be providing an array of meals to keep you nourished throughout the festival. Vegetarian/vegan, gluten free, dairy free, Jerry's Vegiburgers are all about good food for good souls.


COFFEE/DRINKS- The Preston Skate Pantry bringing you coffee, sweets, cakes & beats with all the grooves and roller disco moves. Bring your slates for a sugar rush roller disco, with pantry good for your camping needs available too.


SAFE & INTIMATE ON SITE CAMPING – The orchards & gardens surrounding the Palace Courtyard will be open once again for car-free camping. For those vehicle-camping, there is space in the field (with lake views!). We encourage RIDE-SHARING to minimise site traffic & environmental impact.


ALCOHOL – We encourage you to limit your ALCOHOL consumption and to restrict the use of glass.


PETS – Please REFRAIN from bringing pets.


FIRE – There will be a range of fire pits set up but we ask that you use these to keep warm in the evening, small gas cookers are permitted for personal use.


RUBBISH – This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event, so please bring minimal waste that you can be responsible for yourself.


This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY LOW ALCOHOL event, please keep this in mind while at the festival.


Feel welcome to invite like-minded friends along!


Any questions/queries please contact




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